I help you to Get Rich!: Financially Rich, Emotionally Rich and Time Rich. By being in flow like Water-man!

Rich Waterman



I’m Rich Waterman –  After studying Biology at Oxford University I decided that mutating fruit flies wasn’t my thing. I spent over a decade as an investment banker working mainly in structured derivatives with JP Morgan Chase.  I left banking in 2001 to pursue more philanthropic interests.

I am an entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience running my own businesses. I have acted as an advisor on Government business schemes such as Gateway2Investment and Growth Accelerator.

I now spend most of my time as a strategic business advisor working 1:1 with executives, business owners and entrepreneurs. If you are interested in working with me 1:1 then please look at the type of clients I work with and the benefits they have gained from working with me. Click HERE.

I am an international speaker and one of the UK’s leading experts on how to create a success mindset. I am passionate about helping others to create the business and lifestyle they desire.I am also an NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer and a Trainer for Robbins Research International.

Based on my experiences in different fields of mindset and coaching/training thousands of people, I created a framework called “Limitless: The 7 Key Steps to a Richer Life – Be The Difference Today.” to enable clients to implement the changes they want in their life and to be the difference for themselves and their communities. In 2015, I founded a global movement around this concept called “Be The Difference Today”, which you can find out more about in this website.

In 2016, I created an online personal development community called “Limitless”, which has an incredible peer group of experts in many areas including mindset and business. You can find out more HERE.