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The Tale of Two Paths

I was speaking with a potential coaching client recently about coaching and mentoring and about the choice that they had. We spoke about two paths.   The first path is where you take your own path and you find your way yourself. My experience of this path is that it can take a little longer. I might have to learn from a few mistakes. I might feel lonely. I might find this path doesn’t end up where I want to go. Equally there are other times when it is the right path for me, I need to make my own decisions, to listen to my own counsel and to forge ahead with what I feel is right, to have that…

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Be The Difference Today

In 2015 I founded a movement called “Be The Difference Today”. This was a result of a fundraising campaign that I ran to raise money for the treatment of cancer in Leonor, the daughter of my friend Jorge Coutinho. What resulted from that campaign was nothing short of remarkable. The original intention was to raise 30,000 euros to fund revolutionary treatment. What resulted was a global community raising millions which would change the lives of thousands of young people. I don’t know quite how it happened but it did. So… What if the next conversation you had was a life changing one? What if the next decision you made impacted on thousands of people? What if you already were enough? More…

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Mood Meter

The subject of this article is MOOD METER. What are the recipes for the main emotions you might experience over a week? What factors can we influence so that we can access more empowering emotions on a regular basis? A useful tool for this is the “mood meter”. This technique that I am about to share with you is one of the most simple and yet powerful ones I have come across. Any emotional state is made up of three primary factors. Tony Robbins calls it “The Triad”: Physiology, Focus and Language. These relate to the three major senses: touch, vision and hearing. There is a recipe for any emotional state that we experience. We all have subtly different recipes…

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Keep The Ball Rolling

is blog is about maintaining momentum. We often work so hard to gain momentum and with just a modicum of effort we can keep that momentum going with some simple techniques. Thus saving the effort of starting all over again. Before I talk about keeping the ball rolling I will briefly address how we get the ball rolling in the first place. So many people I meet who aren’t getting what they want have dreams and ambitions but just don’t act on them. If the ball isn’t even rolling yet then I would advise the following: Find something you are passionate about achieving. Fully associate and get excited about the benefits of taking action Fully associate with the pain of…

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