I help you to Get Rich!: Financially Rich, Emotionally Rich and Time Rich. By being in flow like Water-man!

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I am an international speaker on a number of different topics including:

How to Become a Peak Performer in a Turbulent World.

“Limitless: The 7 Key Steps to a Richer Life”

“Be the Difference Today” – how, in an emergency I organised a community to raise €30,000 in 5 days and the movement I created as a result of it. You can find out more about “Be the Difference Today” HERE.


This is me speaking at Inspire’d about the subject of wealth:

My fees depend on location, size of audience and whether you want me to create bespoke content for you. I also welcome opportunities where I can offer my programmes from stage.

If you would like to explore booking me as a speaker then please email my assistant: