Keep The Ball Rolling

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is blog is about maintaining momentum.

We often work so hard to gain momentum and with just a modicum of effort we can keep that momentum going with some simple techniques. Thus saving the effort of starting all over again.

Before I talk about keeping the ball rolling I will briefly address how we get the ball rolling in the first place.

So many people I meet who aren’t getting what they want have dreams and ambitions but just don’t act on them.

If the ball isn’t even rolling yet then I would advise the following:

  1. Find something you are passionate about achieving.
  2. Fully associate and get excited about the benefits of taking action
  3. Fully associate with the pain of not taking action.
  4. Set one clear easy action to do as soon as possible.
  5. Do that action!

Once the ball is rolling then we need to get clear on a few easy steps to keep things moving forward:

  1. Plan ahead. Be clear on what your next series of actions are so that when one action is completed you don’t have that “what next?” moment. “What next?” will kill your momentum.
  2. Each time you complete an action towards your goal then make sure you reward yourself for it. This tells your unconscious brain what you just did was a good thing so you are likely to take more action.
  3. Have a clear recipe each day for putting you in the best emotional state possible. Is it exercise, music, motivational quotes, gratitude, a favourite breakfast, a favourite place or a favourite person to be with? Know your recipe for happiness. Quite simply you get more done when you are happy.
  4. We all have “off days” where things just don’t get going or we feel a bit flat. It happens. On these days pursue activities to maximize your happiness and fulfillment. Do small easy tasks to keep the ball rolling. These can be the danger points with momentum so the order of the day is fun, simple and easy actions.
  5. Don’t be so bloody hard on yourself! We rarely achieve what we want to in the short-term so focus on how far you have come rather than how far you SHOULD have gone. In fact eliminating SHOULDs from your language is a great way to maintain momentum. Remember the importance of point 2 – reward yourself don’t beat yourself up. Pain only works as a stimulus in the very short term and isn’t a  sustainable form of motivation. Too much pain is exhausting.

Thank you for reading.

Rich Waterman