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The subject of this article is MOOD METER.

What are the recipes for the main emotions you might experience over a week?

What factors can we influence so that we can access more empowering emotions on a regular basis?

A useful tool for this is the “mood meter”.

This technique that I am about to share with you is one of the most simple and yet powerful ones I have come across.

Any emotional state is made up of three primary factors. Tony Robbins calls it “The Triad”: Physiology, Focus and Language. These relate to the three major senses: touch, vision and hearing. There is a recipe for any emotional state that we experience. We all have subtly different recipes but there are a lot of similarities in the way we all experience a particular emotion. That is why we can read the emotional states of others, as we recognise patterns in them that are familiar.

I use the “mood meter” for clients to monitor their emotional states throughout the day. It is really simple:

You rate your emotional “happiness” from -10 to +10. 0 being a neutral state. +10 is ecstatic and -10 seriously depressed. Don’t do the -10 OK!!!

When I first studied this on a course we rated our emotions in this way every hour for several days. I would recommend as a minimum that you rate your emotions in the morning, afternoon and evening and do this for seven consecutive days.

When you write down the number, write down how that level feels e.g. happy, relaxed, upset, sad etc. Then write down why you are feeling like this. What are you focussing on? What language are you using? Has someone said something to you? How are you using your body? Where are you located? Any other factors?

You will build up a map of how your mood changes and what causes these changes. This level of awareness is very powerful.

Once you are aware you are halfway there! You now know your recipes for different states. What can you influence going forward?

When you are master of your emotional states, you can live life on your terms. You will not have your life run as much by outside influences and events. Everyone has days where we feel less than 100%. Events will also happen in life that are incredibly sad and upsetting and I would recommend you allow these emotions to flow. It is a natural process. What emotional mastery gives you is the choice of where you consistently live your life emotionally.

Once you are aware of your emotional states and what triggers them, then you can do something about it. Know what your recipes are for your emotions. Take action. Interrupt the negative ones and reinforce the positive ones.

Live life on your terms!

Thank you for reading.

Rich Waterman

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