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Rich Waterman


You might be reading this because there is some part of you, despite your incredible achievements within this world, that still feels you’re not enough.

I know what it’s like to be that person. I know what it’s like to feel different.

At one level things were often easy. I was the smart kid in school and yet my gifts were often not celebrated, sometimes ridiculed. Kids can be cruel, and they were.

Maybe you have your own narrative that aligns with this.

Maybe you were cut down in your formative years.

Maybe your greatness was not celebrated.

That lack of enoughness.

That need to prove myself continued. I joined one of the best universities in the world: Oxford University. I achieved what many did not achieve. I chose to enter the highly competitive world of investment banking.

Continually achieving and overachieving.

Trying to fill the void and yet somehow never feeling full.

There is a cost to this as you may well know yourself.

For me it was divorce: acrimonious, painful, tears, shouting, more tears, lack of control… despite my best efforts.

I rebuilt:
I found self-development and developed myself.
I found community in the Tony Robbins world and progressed to become a Senior Trainer and still something was niggling.

An incompleteness. Unfulfilled.

A deep desire to serve.

Then I had the call. It’s a call that shifts your world. It’s a call that shifted mine

A call that in essence meant my best friend had put the survival of his daughter, who was gravely ill, in my hands.

He entrusted me, to raise the funds needed, to give her the best chance of survival.

Trust deeper than you can know.

Belief deeper than you can believe.

It called upon a part of myself that I’ve been waiting to be called upon for my whole life.

I was no longer myself.

Yes, I was there working with incredible people.

Yes, I was there speaking on stage.

Yes, I was there mentoring the most successful business leaders in the world, but it was no longer about me.

My friend gave me the greatest gift he could possibly have given me on that evening.

He gave me the gift to be the difference.

To be the difference for him.

To be the difference for his daughter Leonor.

To be the difference for my clients.

Maybe to be the difference for you, reading this right now.

So, are you surrounding yourself with people who know they are enough?

Are you surrounding yourself with people who are being enough?

Are you surrounding yourself with people who are being the difference today?

Maybe not?

If not, then why not contact me and we will speak…

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