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Become A Powerful Coach

Coach Development Programme

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  •  Become a powerful coach

  • Serve unconditionally

  • Create your own successful coaching business

At a Glance

How to coach clients on discovering, developing and delivering their life’s purpose using the unique, powerful and successful “7 key steps to a richer life” framework as developed by Rich Waterman, founder of the Gym of Greatness and incorporating key coaching techniques

  1. Personal Power Source.
  2. Passion.
  3. Pulverise and Prune.
  4. Prepare for Success.
  5. Proactive Planning.
  6. Persistent Precise Action.
  7. Presence.

By the end, you’ll have all the tools and knowledge required to go on and develop your own highly successful coaching business.

Become a Great Coach

“My mission is to help people discover, develop and deliver their life’s purpose; so that they are inspired to become the next generation of servant leaders; thus creating a community of fun, happiness, fulfilment and productivity. I do this by providing coaching and mentoring to entrepreneurs, speakers and coaches. I began my coaching journey back in 2006 and I feel very privileged to be able to choose the clients that I work with from around the world. I feel privileged to be able to set my own schedule, to create a lifestyle centred around my family and to live a life built on the foundation of service. I am passionate about making a change in the world and I am passionate about developing new coaches who will serve the world in a similar way. If you are passionate about serving others and making a difference in the world then I would love to have a conversation with you about my Coach Development Programme.” Rich Waterman

Develop a Successful Coaching Business

Becoming a great coach is the start of your journey into coaching. The Gym of Greatness Coach Development Programme goes deeper than other programmes. We’ll discover how to have powerful coaching conversations that lead to sustainable change. We’ll demonstrate that embracing vulnerability and rejection is liberating in may ways. We’ll discover that a service based approach will lead to a significant portfolio of satisfied clients that will actively recommend you. And of course we’ll cover the business process from marketing, through enrolment, service delivery and follow up.

Key Coaching Techniques

By splicing together various techniques, you’ll develop a coaching toolkit with which you can deliver outstanding results which serve your clients’ needs and desired outcomes.

  • VAK – utilising the main senses for lasting change.
  • Identifying key language patterns
  • Quality questions
  • Effective listening
  • Assertiveness tools
  • Overcoming fear.
  • Values elicitation.
  • Male/female energy.
  • Creating rapport.
  • The power of meaning.
  • Coaching leadership.
  • Goal setting: GROW and SMART.
  • Wheel of life (“Gym Of Greatness” style).
  • Time management.
  • What can we learn from thought leaders such as: Stephen Covey, BJ Fogg, Simon Sinek, Ken Blanchard, Roger Hamilton and Rich Litvin.

What You Get

  • Lifetime access to my coach training programme online. (Over 20 hours of content)
  • Access to a private FB group for my coaches (6 months)
  • 12 group sessions (two per month): 1 hour sessions – Q&A and mentoring with Rich Waterman.
  • 3 x 45 minute 1:1 calls with one of my “Gym of Greatness” coaches.
  • Certification as a “Gym Of Greatness Coach” and promotion as a coach within the “Gym Of Greatness community”

Your upfront investment: £2,000 

Contact my assistant at admin[at] to apply.

A Proven Approach

By following the lessons learned, understanding the key coaching techniques and delivering your coaching business using ‘The Gym of Greatness: The 7 Keys To A Richer Life”, you’ll be able to quickly move through the situational leadership model and become a peak performer who consistently delivers exceptional results.

7 Key Steps to a Richer Life

This amazingly powerful has been successfully adopted worldwide. It addresses not only hard techniques, but also the mindset surrounding success. Where other programmes lead you through learning a basic toolkit, the Gym of Greatness is deeply committed to ensuring mindset issues are thoroughly addressed. After all, if you’re head’s not in the right place, you’ll not be able to serve your clients.

  1. Personal Power Source: What makes you tick? Who are you, what are your values? Your keys to your success.
  2. Passion: Gain momentum and build motivation.
  3. Pulverise & Prune: Remove obstacles and roadblocks. Understanding the power of the pain funnel for creating leverage
  4. Prepare for Success: Use the ‘Meshes’ technique to create a sustainable framework for success.
  5. Proactive Planning: Chunking down your dreams into an actionable deployment strategy.
  6. Persistent Precise Action: Doing exactly what it takes to implement your strategy.
  7. Present: Be present, be vulnerable, be powerful. Present yourself through service.

A Personal Statement From Myself:

“What I don’t want you to know about me is… In 2001, I was a successful investment banker with well over $1MM in assets but was stressed out, miserable and going through a divorce.

Money for the sake of money doesn’t mean shit – I will tell you that now. I spent many years after that looking for happiness and what my purpose was in life. I spent a lot of that money looking for answers. I had a belief that it was hard to be financially successful doing something that I loved rather than something I had to do. Sometimes that belief resurfaces even today but now I know it isn’t true.I see that belief in many incredible people who have the ability to serve at the deepest level but they are hampered financially.

COACHING: I attended a Tony Robbins’ course in 2006 and started coaching others immediately with very little skill, just an open heart and a desire to serve. I was making some money from helping people. Many people think that there is something wrong earning good money from serving others. I used to think that too – I was wrong. My mentor David Taylor reminded me the other day “money is merely a scorecard for how powerfully you serve from a place of love.” I didn’t know that back then so I made a bit of money doing phobia cures and confidence work but I supported myself financially through consultancy work that I didn’t love.

What I don’t want you to know about me is… Until 2014 I didn’t truly believe it was really possible to support yourself financially through being a coach. I now know that isn’t true. In fact you can be an extremely successful coach without a website, business cards or selling what you do. All you need to do is powerfully serve the client in front of you.

What I don’t want you to know about me is…. That I can be needy. I have a strong need to help other people. It makes me feel good. I call it earned significance. But it used to show up sometimes as me wanting the outcome more than my coaching clients. That wasn’t serving them, that was serving me. BUT I also have a genuine need at the moment, a need for high quality coaches.

I am on the verge of a tremendous opportunity that will need a lot of high quality coaches. An opportunity that is way bigger than I can handle alone. Coaches that serve unconditionally. Coaches that I can trust. Coaches that will allow me to let go and embrace uncertainty. Are you one of those coaches? Could you become one of these coaches? I want to invest my time in you and that time is now.

So your upfront investment is £2,000. If this is of interest to you personally then please fill out the contact form at the bottom.

Thankyou, Rich


     Rich Waterman

     Founder Of The Gym Of Greatness

Contact my assistant at Email: getrich[at]