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Thankyou to my friend Bob Buckley for an amazing conversation yesterday evening even if it has set off my creative brain overnight.

It’s interesting how my mission evolves…

My early days as a coach focussed heavily on helping clients with confidence and particularly phobias. Short-term tangible impactful work. I knew if it had worked within an hour. I was and am bloody good at it but over time I didn’t like saying goodbye to clients who I had deeply connected with over a short period of time.

Increasingly as time passed I became more involved with business owners and helping them with mindset and strategy. I started to bring my business background into my work.
I enjoyed the longer term relationships and called myself a business coach but with hindsight that has become less accurate over time.

Sometimes what you actually do doesn’t reflect the label you give yourself and yesterday Bob helped me to realise that my most powerful work now is equivalent to being a non executive director – strategic periodic immersion in a business. A lot more mentoring and consulting than coaching. Yesterday I was meant to be coaching a business client on time management (which we did) but spent most of the session talking about how the business could negotiate with a key customer who is looking to change the rules of engagement. This director hired me with his own money to help him personally but we realised a lot of his challenges need to be solved at a business level. Be at cause not effect.

When I worked on Government schemes to help small businesses get funding my focus would always initially be on the quality of the management team. Often investment comes as a result of the quality of the team not necessarily the idea. People buy into people. Look at the Dragons Den or Shark Tank for proof. That’s why non-executive directors are so useful. They bring an instant impact to a management team. Yesterday I realised that’s what I love doing and have been doing without realising it!

So what’s the pattern? Longer term closer relationships. Enjoying seeing the impact of my work. Mentoring and consulting more than coaching. Stimulating. Creative. Impactful. Part of dynamic teams. It’s probably why I was so driven to create an online community this year.

So why have I posted this?

Partly to help myself realise that I am not a business coach any more. I am a non-executive director – maybe not yet in formal title but certainly in terms of impact.

Partly to help you realise that, like myself, the labels you have given yourself might need updating.

Partly to help me and you realise that this means you might want to change your focus on the clients you work with or the job that you do. What pool do you really want to fish in?

So if you are an owner of a dynamic business looking to add some periodic brainpower to your management team (as a non-executive director), a sparring partner if you will, then I would be very interested in having a conversation with you. Please share this if you know someone that may need that input.

Equally if you feel that what you do or want to do doesn’t reflect your current label then comment below or message me. I would be very happy to offer further insights into that.

I posted this because there may be one person out there that needed to read it. I am grateful to my good friend Bob that he helped me to come to this realisation and the least I could do was pass that gift on.

Something to think about!


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