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System: A set of detailed methods, procedures and routines established or formulated to carry out a specific activity, perform a duty, or solve a problem.

I have written before about the importance of peer groups and in my opinion having effective systems in place is equally important.

So what systems do you have in place right now? Do they serve you or enslave you? Are you missing systems? Are there systems you need to let go of?

I’m not just referring to business systems or procedures, I am also talking about personal systems or maybe routines is a more familiar word.

So why are systems important? We are by evolution creatures that crave a level of certainty. In evolutionary terms, certainty kept us safe and enabled us to survive and thrive. So systems can give us that certainty and the peace of mind to operate more effectively.

Systems enable us to replicate success. An effective system can free up time for other activities. An effective system enables us to get leverage and to outsource non-core tasks to others. Systems help to define the rules of the game.

The key here is to make sure that systems are serving you. That you are not enslaved by a system. You will have developed some routines that met a purpose in the past but are now outdated. Which systems need an overhaul?

I definitely suffered from a lack of systems because I associated them with boredom. Too much certainty is a real turn-off for me. BUT in reality it was the tasks that were a turn-off not the system. Creating a system around these tasks gave me an enormous sense of relief. By systemising the whole process, I can reduce the amount of time I spend on these tedious tasks and even better, defining the system enables me to pass the whole thing onto someone else.

What if you could define a system for fulfilment or happiness? While there are many unexpected joys in this universe, there are also predictable things that you know will make you happy or fulfilled. So doesn’t it make sense to design a system or routine in your life that enables you to access those feelings on a consistent basis?

So when would now be a good time to do that?

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