What is Wealth?

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I recently gave a speech at the Inspire’d group in London about what I believe true wealth really is…


 Limitless Community 
One of the key aspects of true wealth is to be part of an amazing peer group who do amazing things. I launched the “Limitless” community in April of this year and we are already up to nearly 50 members in a short space of time. I would love for you to be part of this community and as a thankyou for being part of my email list you can access it at a reduced annual membership of £97 (rather than £197). All I ask in return is an hour a month of your time – either in the form of coaching, expert sessions, content, promotion or administrative support (or any combination thereof!).
Join us at Limitless.

Wealthy Business?
90% + of all wealth creation is a result of creating a business. I’m looking to invest some of my time and expertise in people starting up their own businesses or very early stage projects. This will be on a scholarship basis for 20 people at much reduced mentoring/coaching rates.
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